Can’t Miss the Good Part

Just the other day, I was doing things at the rooftop when I just noticed how beautiful the sunset was. It was a red-orange kind of sunset, with all the clouds and birds, and the city line making it scenic. It cannot be expressed enough in words.

I uttered in awe, “Ang ganda, ang sarap picture-an, kaso nasa baba cellphone ko.”

My cousin replied, “Kunin mo na.”

“No, pagbalik ko iba na itsura nyan, I would miss the good part then.”

“Sayang yung picture.”

“Mas sayang yung makikita ko.”

My own words got me thinking. Sometimes for the sake of documenting everything, we get too distracted that we miss the real beauty of the moment in front of us.

Don’t get me wrong, I know how beautiful and awesome photos are, it can do a way better job than my descriptions. They indeed are worth a thousand words.

But on that day, I chose to let my eyes feast on the beautiful scenery in front of me and keep it in my memories instead of my gallery.

Puso, kalma.



Hindi biro ang tatahaking landas.
Ngunit hindi basta-bastang aatras.
Pwedeng kabahan minsan, tao ka naman.

Ano ang iyong kaibahan?
Kabahan man minsan, hindi takot ang syang pupuno sa puso’t isipan.
Dahil hindi lang ambisyon at emosyon ang pinaghuhugutan.

Nababagabag anong kalalabasan.
“Kaya ko ba?” Alam mong tinawag ka, di’ba?
Mas mabuti pa ngang may kaunting nginig ang kalamnan,
Kaysa maging kampante sa sariling kakayanan.

Huwag mag-alala, hindi ka mag-iisa.
Kasama mo Sya.
Puso, kalma.
Ilagay ang buong tiwala sa Maylikha.

Maybe It’s Best to Take a Rest

This ECQ got the best of us. We surely had that time that we want to do everything yet we accomplish nothing, and it can be really frustrating.

When you want to get every task and goals done at once, but you don’t know what to do first. It’s a state where multitasking does not help at all coz your mind is just all over the place.


Yep, we felt just the same.

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Let Love be Bigger Than Your Fears

What do you fear?
Rejection? Pain? Sacrifice? Death?

Fear is inevitable.
But it’s up to you if you’d let it stand in your way and you’d just stop right there as you watch things happen. Or, you’d let love be your fuel to go on; your shield from the lies of the devil; your medicine for the pain; and your strength to conquer as you go to your next level.

Let love be bigger than your fears.
Even your greatest fear can be conquered by the Greatest Love. For there is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. 🙂

You Who Are Taking Life’s Journey:

Time went by so fast, but has taught you a lot of things for sure.

Hey, you! Yes, you who are reading this.

I don’t know how you got to read this but it surely has a purpose.


Time went by so fast, but has taught you a lot of things for sure. It was full of ups and downs; faith then doubt; consistency and stagnancy; fire then lukewarmness; convictions and emotions—a lot of journeys, a lot to say. Continue reading “You Who Are Taking Life’s Journey:”

Isolation Won’t Heal

“I’ll stay here for a while and maybe in time, they will realized that I am right.”

No, they will not. Truth is, you are once again.. isolating yourself.

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You thought it’s going to help. You thought people will miss you. You thought people will reach out sooner or later. Guess what? Most people don’t. People, left on their own, won’t even notice that your presence is gone. I know that you are in pain and you don’t have the energy to face the world. Yet, isolating yourself is not the answer.

Isolation makes you a prisoner of condemnation

The kind of condemnation that doesn’t come from the people around you but the condemnation created and especially constructed by your own self. You let yourself cling on to this “privacy” where in fact you are treating yourself as an “exile.” You distant yourself from people thinking that it would lessen…

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